The first prize you can redeem from the FarmVille Spring Basket is the Mystery Egg. I’m sure that, before trying to redeem as many Mystery Eggs as possible, you’d like to know what cool prizes can be found inside. I have thought about that, searched all over the internet and found out what items can you get from the Mystery Egg. Here they are:

– Double Avatar Size
– Arborists
– 100 XP
– Farmhands
– Small Can of Fuel

Of course the least desired items in the Mystery Eggs are the Small Can of Fuel and 100XP and the most desired are the Arborists, Farmhands and new Double Avatar Size.

What is this Double Avatar Size you can find inside a Mystery Egg? As the name suggests, it is a special potion that doubles the size of your avatar. It’s not yet known how long does the effect last, but bigger is always better – right, girls?