Zynga recently announced that they will be giving 10,000 worth of cash in Petville (Pet Cash that is). You just have to go to http://zyn.ga/2e (click the link!) or visit the application at your Facebook account before April Fool’s Day. Aside from that, the developer also said that if you would click the said link you also get the chance to receive Pet Cash as well. Unfortunately it’s only 2 Pet Cash, but hey! That’s still something, right?

However, some users are a little bit skeptical about this “giveaway”. Winners are supposed to be announced on April Fools. You know how people can be a little crazy during this time of the year. Next is that the Pet Cash giveaway is huge! The amount is more or less equivalent to $700. You can buy all of the items in Petville or even triple the number of each items and it wouldn’t take all of the 10,000 Pet Cash to buy those.

But Zynga probably would like to have an angry mob to go over their office or fants ranting about the big promotion if they would just tell them “APRIL FOOLS!!!” afterwards. Either way, it still wouldn’t hurt if you try since you are guaranteed with 2 Pet Cash just by clicking the link.