petaAnimal rights group PETA understood the impact video games have in today’s society and, as a result, they have started to develop games and video game parodies in order to spread their message to a wider audience. The group started with a Cooking Mama parody and now hits at celebrities like Madonna or the Olsen twins and politician Sarah Palin with a new flash game, Holiday Snowball Fight.

If you decide to play Holiday Snowball Fight, you’ll be able to throw snowballs at fur-wearers celebrities and… well… probably have fun? I know I did not, especially because of an in-game bug that didn’t record my hits and therefore I could not save the world from these cold-blooded criminals (and, just to make things clear: yes, I was being sarcastic!).

However, PETA’s Holiday Snowball Fight will most likely go viral, just like the previous title released by the organization and, most certainly, just like the previous title, it will achieve absolutely nothing. But I’m sure that Madonna, Sarah Palin and the other people who are in the game will get pissed off.