majesty2-screenshotSince the original Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim was a real success and a high quality real time strategy game, the holders of the right for a sequel, Paradox, have decided to bring us Majesty 2, a game that will try to rise up to the standards of the original game.

However, unlike the original, Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim will be developed by 1C Ino-Co (instead of Cyberlore) and so the approach will be a bit different, too. For example, the inhabitants of the game’s world, Ardania, will have a will of their own and won’t accept, blindly, the commands of the player. And as well as this is well done and not stupidly implemented (like, for example, a hero fighting a dragon deciding to turn his back to the beast and start singing), it will be real pleasure to play the game.

However, we know nothing about the gameplay itself, all we have now are promises – nice ones, too. And since both Paradox and 1C have some experience with strategy games, we can only hope for the best from Majesty 2. For now, we just have this one screenshot and, as you can see, it’s not very impressive.

But we’ll see exactly how the game is starting September 11, when the game is scheduled to be released worldwide.