Finally, Namco Bandai decided to update the old Pac Man to today’s standards by deciding to create a game for iPhone and iPad devices, for the delight of the fans worldwide. The name of the game is Pac-Mangames and I am here to share with you more details about this title.

Even though the price for the new Pac-Mangames might seem a bit high at $2.99, when you hear that you get the “S” versions of Pac-Man ( Galaga, DigDug, Rally-X, Gator Panic and Pac-Chain) you actually realize that you’re up for a real treat and a good deal!

Pac-Mangames for iPhone or iPad will come with brand new game modes and a bunch of social features – you will be able to spend your coins on clothing items and decorative ones for the avatars and the game rooms. Also, other social features like posting on Facebook are implemented, which makes top performers even more wanted in the game.

I am sure you can’t wait to start playing the new Pac-Mangames, so get it here for iPhone and have a blast playing it!