After being so successful on YouTube and inspiring many people try some similar trick shots (and probably fail miserably at this), the folks over at Dude Perfect decided to bring us an iPhone game to finally make it possible for us to score all those amazing trick shots.

Basically, the Dude Perfect game is what we used to call in the past a physics game, without the destruction element: your goal here is to send the basketball ball throgh the net and not destroy everything in charge. Gameplay is very simple and if you played Angry Birds (who didn’t?) then you will feel at home: you just have to tap and drag in order to set the direction and speed of your ball then let go and hope that you will make the trick shot.

There are already a ton of stages to test your mad skills in trick shot basketball in Dude Perfect and you probably won’t be able to make it from your first try. But you will keep trying – I know you will, everybody does – and you’ll love it in the end when you will be the best trick shot player on your iPhone.

So if you want to test your skills at basketball trick shots, head over to the App Store and play Dude Perfect, the game for iPhone. Or click here for the iPad version