Rune Raiders on iPhone is a truly amazing and addictive game – all you have to do is to be patient with it for a few minutes (the first few minutes are misleading and show a relatively ugly and basic game with no fun factor). But as time goes by, you will understand that you did the best thing by starting to play Rune Raiders on your iPhone.

Strangely and funnily enough, you won’t be raiding runes, which are not really the main element in Rune Raiders. Instead, you will command your little party through brick-shaped dungeons, blasting away different types of enemies and super bosses.

At first, everything will seem to be simple and plain but pretty soon you will understand that some tactical strategy is needed in order to become victorious: always protect your archers and ranged attackers, keep the healer behind the low-health unit and use the environment to block attacks from the outnumbering enemies. So pretty soon, a game that seemed like easy and most likely crappy turns into an amazing adventure that you will have to finish.

With upgrades for your troops and various tactics that you can approach, 15 different types of enemies and epic boss fights, Rune Raiders for iPhone proves to be a really solid game, offering a great value for money. So it’s a game you owe it to yourself to try out!

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