There are different strategies of how to play slots. The site gathers many articles about this & contains a lot of information about not only slots but also other types of games. So, what are the best gaming strategies? Let’s consider below.

For a start, it is important to say that there are two main types of gaming process: the one in which you can rely on your gaming skills & the one, which is purely coincidental. Slots are attributed to No. 2: they are based on pure luck & have no effective strategies how to win or lose money, as such strategies simply do not exist. For instance, in poker or blackjack, there are chances to increase your winnings applying your thinking abilities & experience combined with a good memory. Playing poker or blackjack offline, your facial expressions & ability to bluff also take a powerful force to make you victorious. They are never the case in online games, though.

So, if there are no strategies to win in slots, how one can be sure about a possibility to win big? As here plays the mathematics, when you make a significant amount of bets, you broaden your chances to win. All slots are based on math & its rules that cannot be broadened or shrunken: they stay the same for all participants of the gaming process: players, casinos & slots manufacturers. What really varies is the RTP indicator: the so-called ‘Return To Player’ rate. When RTP is big enough (96%…98%), you have good chances to win. When it is lower (and especially when it is lower than 90%), it is meaningless to play in such slots: better try other ones as these will only bring you disappointment, not buzz.

Depending on what is your strategy at the moment, there is the next important factor you must pay attention to – dispersion. Dispersion is the ‘smoothness’ of wins/losses, how often they occur & evenness of such occurrence. For instance, the most low-dispersion slots are ideal if you just plan to entertain without losing your money much. If you wait for gradual money expenditures with small but kind of frequent wins – the low-dispersion slots are your finest solution at the moment. If on contrary, you have much money to spend & lots of time to invest in the game, it is better to play high-dispersion slots, as they have much larger bonuses but far lesser their occurrence. For instance, once per 100 or 200 spins. But if you win – it’ll be a big or huge win.

One more advice from site – always limit yourself to some money you plan to spend. Never hold a huge balance in your online casino if you know you have problems with gambling addiction. Let it be rather small – like 200 dollars, for instance. Thus, if you will lose the entire balance, the necessity of new refill may serve like a cold shower to you & an opportunity to think twice.