Many people consider Ocarina of Time the best game ever made – it appears that Eiji Aonuma, system director of the game, has a similar opinion since he promised not to quite working on the Legend of Zelda franchise until he manages to bring a better game than Ocarina of Time.

So we can say that we have two great news in one: first, the fact that the developers plan to do better instead of milking the franchise and second, a new Zelda game is coming sooner or later. But, before starting a little cosplay party with tens of Links, check Aonuma’s words:

“I’m happy that a title I worked on some time ago remains highly praised to this day, but that also shows how none of the subsequent games in the series have surpassed it. As someone who is still working on the series, I have mixed feelings about that. Because I haven’t yet surpassed it, I can’t quit. Surprisingly, that simply motivation may be the reason I continue to work on the Zelda series,” he said to Australian website MyWii.

Now, it’s just one question left unanswered: will the developers try to beat Ocarina of Time with a game more similar to A Link to the Past or not?