When you think “Nintendo”, two things come to your mind: Wii and Mario. Both meaning fun – tons of fun. Also, if you try a bit more, another thing will come to your mind: red. Yes, Mario has a costume half red, the company’s logo is red… and that means fun as well, right?

It seems that it’s not correct at all, since Nintendo has decided to change its logo, as reported by Kotaku who received a kind of funny press release stating that from now on a grey and dull Nintendo logo will take the place of the old red and fun one. And this is a decision hard to believe since the last things you can associate Nintendo with are seriousness and boringness (just think Wii or Mario).

Also, I always believed that if you decide to change a logo, you will change more than just the colors, even if the logo colors do matter a lot. Still, no matter what, the new grey Nintendo logo is simply not fun and I do hope the company will reconsider. I’d hate to see Mario with a grey cap in the future…


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