If you found it difficult to control your characters in those Virtual Console titles you have purchased and would’ve preferred a more old school approach to the control method, you’ll probably love what Nyko has in store for you: Wing, a wireless Wii controller that plans to make playing games easier than ever. Nyko’s wireless controller is already available for purchase for $29.99.

With a soft classic look, the Wing comes with smooth contours ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit and a better grip. You can also play freely through your Virtual Console games with up to 10 feet of wireless connectivity via a small dongle fitted to the bottom of the Wiimote. So, as I said, if you prefer classic Virtual Console gaming, Wing is the answer. Unfortunately, it has no idea what “motion sensitive” is, so don’t even think about playing Wii Sports with it!

“The Wing is a great example of what we at Nyko aim to do: improve the gamer’s experience with a quality made product”, said Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing at Nyko Technologies. “There have been very few options for classic gaming control designed specifically for the Wii until now, and the Wing provides a comfortable and affordable wireless alternative that fans of Virtual Console games will enjoy using.”

There’s only one way to find out if Chris Arbogast is right or not: go out and test Nyko’s Wing controller for yourself!