custom controllerEvil Controllers, a video game accessory company, is now offering a collection of custom Xbox One controller designs for purchase. The collection consists of 7 different unique designs, 2 of which are $89, and the remaining 5 are $109 each. The $89 custom shells come in a glossy white or glossy orange finish. The 5 more expensive designs come in blue urban, orange nightmare, orange urban, sticker bomb, and white zombie hazard.

Evil Controllers is planning on releasing more designs for the custom controller designs. The custom shells are designed to fit onto the new Xbox One controllers, which are easily installed by yourself. As long as you have a screwdriver handy, the whole installation process can be done by yourself at home, though you might want to look for some instructions on how. For more information on these custom controllers, check out Evil Controllers Facebook page. For installation help, check out this guide that Evil Controllers provide on their site.

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