A countdown that appeared on Square Enix’s website made everybody wonder about the new game to be announced by the company, many hoping for some early news regarding a new Final Fantasy title. But it’s even better, since we’re talking about a brand new RPG title: Blood of Bahamut – and we have the first details about it!

The first thing worth noting is that you’ll probably love the game if you enjoyed the huge monsters in Shadow of the Colossus – it appears that Blood of Bahamut will bring something similar to DS consoles, but with lots of extra enemies to defeat. Even better, the game is described as a “multiplayer RPG”!

The game is set in the world of Altail – a wold built completely on the back of huge sleeping giants which are strangely considered “home” and “gods” at the same time. Of course, after the giants wake up from their afternoon nap, they become quite violent and the people have only one solution: to fight against them and restore peace.

However, the most important aspect of Blood of Bahamut remains the multiplayer: up to four players can join and battle the huge giants, with the official website hinting that some of these giants can only be defeated by multiplayer teams. Unfortunately, there is no release date announced but we’ll keep our eyes open since Blood of Bahamut seems to be a very promising DS exclusive from Square Enix.