Rockstar has decided to offer a few brand new details about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto DS version, GTA Chinatown Wars. Probably the biggest and most important addition is the fact that drugs matter a lot in the DS version. Also, new destinations will be added to the map which will, all in all, be about as big as the next-gen one. Sounds pretty impressive!

The full list of GTA Chinatown Wars details you first appeared in a Spanish magazine translated by the folks over at Nintendo Everything. Here’s what we should expect to see in GTA Chinatown Wars for DS:

– A camera that can be rotated 360 degrees;
– An animated, lively city with pedestrians, cars and trains circulating in the city;
– The GPS will be placed on the touch screen with the option of setting custom destinations, while the PDA will offer more details on key locations, missions and so on;
– New gas stations are added;
– Dugs will be of high importance in GTA Chinatown Wars, with the drug system comparable with Drugwars: you’ll have to control the stock of drugs, buy and sell for profit. For that, you’ll have a map so you know what people’s demands are and which are the prices.
– And, finally, a very inventive feat: if you want to call a taxi in the game, you’ll have to whistle into the microphone and the car will stop. So, girls, start practicing whistling!