Valve has decided to offer us a “complete pack” of games developed by the company at a great price (probably thinking about the upcoming Christmas and the economical problems in the world). Anyway, the idea is that for only $99.99 you can purchase some 22 titles from Valve that would usually cost $235. A great deal, especially if you’re a Counter Strike and Half Life fan.

However, it’s not just these two classics that make the deal so unbelievably great: the Valve Complete Pack also offers some more peaceful alternatives after a day of shooting, like Peggle Extreme, Ricochet or the chart topping Portal. Also, you should not be worried you’ll only get some “oldies” here: Left 4 Dead is available in the pack, too (and it represents half of the price).

Practically, for younger gamers who want to purchase Left 4 Dead and didn’t have a chance to play most of the previous Valve titles available in this pack, this special offer that’s only available via Steam seems like the perfect choice. Of course, it’s your money and you’ll certainly decide for yourself if it’s worth the money. So head over here and check the full game listing.