novastrikeNovastrike is a top-down shooter exclusive for the PlayStation 3 consoles via the PlayStation Network. It is a very simple game, but it features high quality visuals. It was developed by Tiki Games and published by Sony. The game was released on June 5, 2008. Below you will find a full collection of trophies for Novastrike.


Heralder No More (Bronze): Destroy a Heralder aircraft on any difficulty.
Broken Falchion (Bronze): Shoot down a Falchion aircraft on any difficulty.
Champion of Praxor (Bronze): Finish the second stage on any difficulty.
Destroyer (Bronze): Destroy 500 aerial opponents on any difficulty.
Defender of Khara (Bronze): Finish the fourth stage on any difficulty.
Ground Sweeper (Bronze): Destroy 200 Draelus ground structures on any difficulty.
Searer Extinguished (Bronze): Destroy the Searer on Tolak on any difficulty.
Master of Arms (Bronze): Unlock the final ship on any difficulty.
Savior of Tolak (Bronze): Finish the sixth stage on any difficulty.
Challenger (Silver): Defeat the game on Recruit difficulty or higher.
Reckoning Force (Silver): Defeat the game on Soldier difficulty or higher.
Unstoppable (Silver): Defeat the game on Veteran difficulty or higher.
Legendary (Silver): Defeat the game on Hardcore difficulty.
Don’t You Die On Me (Bronze): The friendly rebel Heralder must survive through the end of Khara (Stage 3).
Abrupt Ending (Bronze): Prevent the Harbinger from reaching its final destination.
Perfectionist (Bronze): Defeat the game on any difficulty without failing any objectives.