PlayStation-NowToday at CES, Sony has finally revealed the much discussed Gaikai-powered streaming service. Called Playstation Now, the service will allow consumers to stream “classic” PSone, PS2, and PS3 games on their PS4s, PS3s, Vitas, Bravia TVs, tablets, and smartphones. The idea behind the service should be apparent by now; it’ll allow people to experience Playstation’s vast catalogue of games by utilizing only one device, whether it be a Bravia TV, tablet, etc.

For launch the number of games available will be limited, but Sony’s Andrew House did confirm that the service will be demoed at CES using The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls. Sony also confirmed that God of War: Ascension and Pupeteer will also be available to try out on Bravia TVs and PS Vita on the show floor.

Playstation Now will be a subscription based service and will support online multiplayer and Trophies. It also seems that the service will be separate from PS Plus, and that people will also be able to rent individual games if they don’t want to subscribe.

This service seems to be the answer to the PS4’s lack of native backwards compatibility, but the company did fail to discuss prevalent issues that can arise such as input lag and video quality.

Playstation Now will have a closed beta running in the US starting at the end of January, and it will launch in North America sometime in the summer of this year.