store_GameStop (1)A Gamestop senior public relations director told Gamespot today that the Texas-based company wants to work with Sony in selling Playstation Now subscriptions in retail stores around the country. The company hopes to follow suite with their PS Plus partnership with Sony in which they successfully sell subscriptions for the service.

“GameStop has built a $600MM digital business, with most of the digital games sold through our stores. Similar to how we worked closely with our partner Sony to successfully sell the PlayStation Plus service, we are looking forward to working with them on including the new PlayStation Now service as part of our portfolio of gaming products we offer our customers,” a representative for the company said.

Sony has yet to disclose just how they plan on selling this new service. Just announced yesterday, the Gaikai-powered streaming service will allow users to stream PSone, PS2, and PS3 games on their PS4s, Bravia TVs, smartphones, Vitas, and tablets.

Just yesterday Gamestop’s share saw a huge plummet after Playstation Now’s announcement, and with the company’s urgency to sell the service this indicates that it just might slightly threaten their business.