Nickelodeon is planning to help kids their game on in the name of the environment and announces a green-themed onlinte title, The Big Green Help Global Challenge – the first multiplayer kids’ online game with a goal of igniting real-world action for environmental change. Kids will be asked to virtually pledge volunteer hours in the “Global Challenge” that they can translate into actionable steps in their homes, communities and schools. A great idea parents (at least) will welcome!

In order to play the game, kids will be able to choose from Nicktoon characters, like SpongeBob or Timmy Turner and team up with other three kids in a face-off against CO2-spewing monsters. As the kids progress through the game (there are nine levels at the moment), they will get tips about how to lower their carbon footprint and at the end of the game their individual commitments and the impact of their collective pledges will be measured – and most certainly kids playing this game will care about the environment more than we did until things started to get worse.

Even more, it’s worth noting that the game offered by Nickelodeon is a free to play one and the company plans to provide kids with local resources and events to translate their virtually volunteered hours into real-world action, starting January 2009. Awesome, right? So visit the official website and see for yourself what this is all about!