One of the main things I hate about social games in general and Mafia Wars in particular is the fact that it takes hours to accept all the gifts my great neighbors are sending and I couldn’t understand why a gift accept in-game window similar to that of Cafe World can’t exist in Mafia Wars.

Fortunately, Zynga apparently had the same problem and starting today we can accept gifts from our mafia members straight from the game, in a window similar to that you can see in the upper left corner (click on the image to see it full size or simply log in to your game!)

I am absolutely delighted with this new Mafia Wars feature, especially because it makes life so much easier in the game and game requests – which are getting even harder to track nowadays are all right there, just one click away. What’s even better: the fact that you can sort your requests using the tabs and select free gifts or energy packs! A huge time saver, so thanks Zynga for this wonderful new feature!

What do you think about this new Mafia Wars gift accepting page? Like it or hate it?