I like to see that Zynga is against spamming and only wishes to let you know about things that matter to you in Mafia Wars. Therefore, they have decided to smoothly upgrade their e-mail subscription program and let YOU choose which notices you’d like to receive via e-mail.

If until now you had no control over the e-mail messages sent by Mafia Wars, if you have subscribed already, you can now change the e-mail settings and decide when to receive messages. Therefore, you can now opt to receive (or not) e-mails whenever:

– You receive gifts*
– You have new Mafia Requests
– You’ve been robbed*
– War declared
– Fought and Won*
– Fought and Lost*
– Put on Hitlist*

Those marked with * are limited to one mail per day.

I consider this new addition to the mailing system simply great and I’m sure that now more people will join Zynga’s mailing list program… if they make it work, because I wanted to sign up and unfortunately I was not able to.