Casual games usually like to keep it simple, but fortunately The Island: Castaway is not one of those games and instead the developers, Awem Studio, were not afraid to test out new things add extra goodies into play for the gamer. Therefore, The Island: Castaway appears to be one of the must buy titles of this month!

The Island: Castaway tells the story of an ocean liner caught in a storm that wrecks in the ocean. A group of survivors reach the nearest tropical island, but right after they managed to get rid of the wet clothes and start hoping for a new life, a series of mysterious things start to happen.

The player takes the role of Tom Allison and goes deep into the island to find out what mysteries are hidden by this forgotten place. To survive the perils of the island fraught with dangerous wild animals and natural hazards, the player has to find food, collect fruit and grow vegetables, learn to fish and chase after wild boars, catch snakes and more. This means that The Island: Castaway offers a nice mix of RPG, land exploration and adventure, plus bits of simultion. I guess that should be enough to put it on your list!

Check out a gameplay trailer of The Island: Castaway to see that this game really means business: