With all these relics and buildable structures in Treasure Isle being released lately, Zynga decided to… release another one! This time it’s one you can purchase from the store, under the Decorations -> Plans area and it’s called simply the Tower.

According to it’s description, the Treasure Isle Tower, whose base can be purchased from the Market for 10,000 coins, is the biggest in the game and once finished will give you a boost of 6 energy to your energy bar. This means that with all the latest relics released, you can get quite an incredible energy limit boost!

However, building the Tower in Treasure Isle is not the easiest task in the game since there are 7 stages that require more of the following building materials:

– paint
– dye
– cloth
– gold
– shells

Once you complete the Treasure Isle Tower, you will get a boost of +6 to your energy bar which can be lost if you decide to sell the building or store it.

Will you start building the Tower in TI too?