There is yet another relic released in Treasure Isle and it’s getting quite boring, in my opinion: the Zen Garden relic is here for you to build and it appears that Zynga are completely out of ideas when it comes to new content for Treasure Isle… Either way, I am here to share with you all the details about the Treasure Isle Zen Garden.

What is the Zen Garden Relic? A new buildable in 4 stages that, once finished, will give you 3 extra energy to your energy bar, which is not much if we consider the fact that we already have such relics on our islands…

However, if you still wish to build your Treasure Isle Zen Garden, here are the requirements (different amounts for each stage):

– marble
– aqua vitae
– glue
– rock
– seeds

Once finished, the Zen Garden will give you 3 extra energy which will be of course lost if you decide to store the relic or remove it.

Now wouldn’t you like something new from Zynga in Treasure Isle and not new relics over newer relics?