The indie developer studio OneEyeAnt launched today a tower defense title for iOS, Kill the Clowns. In this game players have to protect human babies from scary alien clowns, as the company explained:

A crowd of alien-clowns from the Planet Ridiculonia discovered that the viscosity of human baby drool provides an unmatched flavor and texture to their space-candies, so they want to steal our children and take them to their planet. To stop them, you must use the bravest people ever to protect our babies: the circus performers!

Check the trailer here:

Kill the Clowns features 48 different levels with progressive difficulty and hidden cheats that challenges players to explore and discover mysteries in each level. The storyline progresses as well and on each chapter, new characters like The Fire-Blower will be introduced. To defeat the persistent clown, players can count with 9 types of defenders, each one with three different upgrade levels and unique skills. The defender colors determinate the tower evolution, for example blue indicates that the defender has basic skills, orange means the skills have been improved and black is the ultimate level, where players can take full advantage of the tower’s skills.