New GTA Online Update Adds Capture Mode as Well as More Fixes

New GTA Online Update Adds Capture Mode as Well as More Fixes

make money gta onlineToday saw another update from Rockstar for GTA Online, this time adding a brand new game mode in the form of Capture.

Capture is a game mode which puts “a GTA twist on classic capture the flag style confrontations.” The update will apparently add 20 new jobs across four new modes involved with the Capture game type.

Rockstar posted a description of the four game modes:


Raid sees your team battle to enter your enemies’ base and steal a package before delivering it back to your own base to score points. Reach the target score, or deliver more packages than your opponents do in the allotted time to win the match.


Hold is focuses on the two teams finding and storing as many packages as possible in their base. These packages can be found around the map or stolen from the opposition base. The team that reaches the target score, or hold the most packages when the time runs out, wins.


The game type GTA revolves around stealing target vehicles around the map and delivering them to their base. The teams must battle to steal more vehicles in the time limited than their opposition.


A single package lies in the middle of the map. The two teams must battle to deliver the package back to their respective base. The package will respawn in the middle of the map when it is captured.

More information surrounding these game modes can be seen on Rockstar Newswire.

Not only does the 1.08 patch include Capture, it also included a list of fixes that Rockstar has worked on. Their Support Page posted a list of fixes which include balancing the payout system in races (DNF’s will get cash based on checkpoints crossed, solo races get cash etc.) whilst also sorting out Deathmatch spawns and balancing issues in matchmaking along with many other improvements and fixes.

Last week, Rockstar released an update which added Deathmatch and Race Creators. More GTA Online updates will surely be coming soon, as well as the promised “substantial” Single Player content.

Are you excited about this new game mode? What updates are you most looking forward to that have been teased?