Dragon Age Inquisition will come out next year and as part of next-gen, it will surely bring many surprises. Opposing the previous two games, solely dedicated to role-playing, Inquisition will introduce a new castle feature, where players will be able to manage their armies. This system can be quite ambiguous since it could be an innovation to improve role-playing, as it could be the ascendance of another genre. Nothing is for certain now but in the end, it’s all in the hands of BioWare. However, BioWare is a game developer, whose mission is to satisfy players. So, what are players looking forward in Dragon Age Inquisition?

1. A Richer, Deeper and Immersive World

Dragon Age Origins had a relatively long story and it featured large maps with a huge diversity of creatures. On the other hand, Dragon Age II repeated scenarios and models frequently, just as some old games used to do. That’s surely something that players don’t want to see again. Inquisition should be able to deliver a dynamic and lively world, as well as a high level of immersion. Even though those are the basic key features expected from a next-gen RPG, I’m sure that players would be more than glad to see a deeper and richer environment, allowing them to customize and personalize their journeys.

Dragons and exotic creatures will become more abundant.

2. The Effective Return of Old Characters

The Dragon Age series features a companion system, which means that players fight and experience their journeys alongside other characters. Each character has its own personality and players always have their favorite companions. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing their favorite ones returning to the series? So far, it hasn’t happened yet, at least not effectively. However, things will change. BioWare has announced that any character could return in Inquisition, as long as it makes sense. Varric and Cassandra will return as possible companions and Morrigan will hold great importance in the story. Perhaps other old characters will return as well. Even if it’s just a supposition now, it’s a point that would satisfy many fans for sure.

Dragon Age II companion party. At least one of those is certainly coming back in Inquisition.

3. Decisions That Really Matter

Choices, decisions, options… That’s what role-playing is about, shaping a story, evolving a character, forging relationships… In Dragon Age, choices are constant and inevitable, however most of them are quite irrelevant or with a minor impact. In fact, most of the choices made in Origins don’t seem to affect anything in Dragon Age II, at least nothing significant. Players want choices that really matter in order to create personalized and singular stories – what’s the meaning of a choice if in the end the result is the same as any other option? In Inquisition, the choices made in the previous games should affect and shape the world more accurately.

Decisions will be even more important as the inquisitor and leader of a great insititution.

4. More Romance Options and Deeper Relationships

Developing deep relations with other characters is not a common feature in RPGs but in Dragon Age, players can decide which type of connection they wish to have with every single companion, rivalry, friendship or even love, all of them are possible. In both games, they was always two female and two male romance options, around half of the total party. Making all companions potential romance targets would be a genuine feature in Inquisition. I think players would really enjoy a little more depth in all relationships. I found it very interesting how the same character would react differently depending on players’ choices in Dragon Age II. This concept could be drastically improved in Inquisition.

Who knows if Fenris won’t return in inquisition?

5. New and Surprising Features

Lastly, I think most of all players want to see new things, starting by a surprising storyline. It’s known that the combat system will be more or less like the second game, but that’s probably the only feature that will remain faithful. BioWare has unveiled that characters will be able to interact with environment elements and brand new features will be introduced. I just hope the castle system isn’t the only bright concept incoming.