Zynga has released a bunch of new gifts we can send to our friends in Farmville, but now most of them are Farmville.com exclusive gifts. What are the new gifts? Read on to find out and see all of them, as well as learn how to send the Farmville.com exclusive gifts to your friends.

Here is the list of new exclusive gifts in Farmville:

– Holly Fence
– Snow Pile II
– Blue Soldier

If you want to send these exclusive gifts to your friends, you will have to go to the website Farmville.com (click the link to go there) and send the gifts as usual. You will have to provide that website with your Facebook login information, though, so if you’re not comfortable about that, don’t do it!

Especially because there are two new regular gifts you can send to your friends from Facebook:

– Candycane Bench
– Wreath Fence

I must admit that I find the new gifts quite beautiful, so start sending them on! Check them out below:



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