new-lights-farmvilleSince Christmas is close, Zynga decided to offer us a new update this week, adding even more goodies for us to decorate our Farmville farms with. Therefore, starting today, those who are not going to look at spending quite some cash for their farms, there are a bunch of new light decorations available, as well as two new holiday signs and a really cool snowflake.

The new and really cool light arrangements I’m talking about are:

– Lighted Train, costs 22 FV cash and gets you 650 experience.
– Lighted Bells, costs 15 FV cash and gets you 400 experience.

The holiday signs can be purchased for regular coins, and these are:
– a Happy Holidays sign, costing 4,800 coins (48 XP)
– a Season Greeting sign, costing 4,200 (42XP)

Also, as I was saying you can also purchase a new snowflake for 7 FV cash. Pretty expensive new additions lately, Zynga probably wants more money for their Christmas bonuses… Either way, check out the new Christmas decorations for FarmVille below (click to enlarge):