RyseMicrosoft has announced both free and paid DLC for their Xbox One launch exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome. A free update to the game will be available today that will add two new levels to the game’s online Gladiator mode. The first will contain an enemy turret that will appear and envelop you with arrows until it is destroyed. The second will have Reward Statues of Roman deities appear which can be activated for bonuses to health and focus.

The paid DLC, which is free for people who have purchased the season pass for the game, is the Coliseum pack. It will cost $3.99 and includes  two new arenas, Henge and Ascension alongside two new characters skins, Commodus and Centurion.

The Ascension arena will have the player fight for their lives and escape the lair of Hades while the Henge arena will task the player to liberate a forest shrine while fighting off hordes of barbarians. Both character skins only provide for aesthetic appeal and don’t change up the game play.

(Via: Gamespot)