homefront-screenDuring this year’s E3 Media Summit, THQ and Kaos Studios announced a new IP, a first shooter game titled Homefront. Back then, we had few details regarding the shooter, but things have changed a little now, since THQ decided to offer some background information plus a pretty nice trailer that will make some droll.

First things first, though: Homefront is set in the near future, ten years after the economic collapse of the US who were, in the meantime, occupied by the North Koreans. Players will be part of the American Civil Resistance, fighting for the freedom of the country – a theme that will certainly appeal the US players and critics more than the Iraq-based games that keep getting canned.

“Homefront isn’t about going to war on the other side of the world or battling aliens from another planet; it’s about fighting foreign invaders in your own backyard and defending your right to live,” said David Votypka, design director, Kaos Studios. “Homefront combines the unsettling notion of an occupied America with interactive, player-driven narratives to create a deeply engaging single and multiplayer experience.”

Except for the story-driven single player campaign and the intense multiplayer battles, THQ promises that Homefront will also deliver lots of vehicular combat, as well as the possibility to control aerian vehicles. Below is the first Homefront trailer which is a must see!