under-siege-prealphaWe all know that until now the recipe for a playable real time strategy game on console was not found, but it’s a good thing developers keep trying – eventually they’ll manage to port the genre to consoles, even though it will never match the easiness of mouse-controlled gameplay. The latest company who is planning to deliver a console exclusive RTS is Portugal-based Seed Studios.

According to Eurogamer, the company is working on a PlayStation 3 exclusive real time strategy titled Under Siege which comes with some pretty interesting concepts (like user generated content) and some pretty solid visuals, as you can see in the image I’ve posted in the upper left corner (and which is only from pre-alpha stages!)

However, details are scarce at the moment (read: none), but we do know that Seed Studios plans to deliver a console RTS that will finally be easy to play. We’d love to see that happen! However, until more details are offered, we have to remain skeptical.