nitnendowiiAnother week, another reason for Nintendo to offer us three more Wii games and still no internal HDD. This week the new Wii Shop Channel releases seem to be related to speed, no matter if we’re talking about snowboards or a certain blue hedgehog everybody loves. Check out the details below to understand what I’m talking about.

Snowboard Riot is the first title you can purchase from the Wii Shop Channel and you will probably do so if you’re a snowboard racing fan. Compatible with the Balance Board and adding a “battle” element to the races, Snowboard Riot can be played by up to four players in multiplayer and costs 1,000 Wii Points. For a quick preview of the game, check out Unigamesity’s YouTube channel.

Lonpos is another puzzle game released on WiiWare, one that anybody can play but few can master (and yes, I’ve heard that too many times already!). Each puzzle revolves around a rectangular playing field of 55 spaces. Using a set of 12 pieces, the goal is to place every piece into the playing field, filling it completely. The higher the level, the more pieces you’ll need to fit correctly into the playing field. If you consider this fun, you can get the game for 800 Wii Points.

Sonic Chaos the Sega Master System classic brings our favorite hedgehog back to life and ready to go once more through his adventure against Dr. Eggman. Speed through various levels in your crusade for the six Chaos Emeralds, perform Strike Dashes and Super-Peel Outs as Sonic, or Spin Dash and Fly as Tails, and restore order in Sonic Chaos. Everything for 500 Wii Points.