ncsoft-logoValve’s Steam has become an online store with even more quality products thanks to NCSoft who made their entire games line-up available for purchase via the service. So if you now want to get yourself some quality MMOs, Steam is becoming a solution.

Among the games that are now available for purchase online we have City of Heroes, Guild Wars and the Lineage franchises – all up to date, offering the latest releases (as is the City of Heroes Architect Edition).

“We are thrilled to offer our franchises to the legions of gamers several in the Steam community,” said David Reid, president of publishing for NCsoft West. “Steam’s community is filled with passionate players intent on having the latest updates on their favourite games. Extending our distribution reach with Steam will allow more gamers the freedom and flexibility to stay updated and engaged with our games and online communities.”

As you might’ve anticipated, for the next few weeks the NCSoft games will be offered at special prices, so check them up at the official Steam website!