diablo3-patchForget about Diablo III (at least until it gets released by Blizzard!) and go back to the basics with Diablo II – especially now since “the basics” are much improved and come with high quality graphics. Yes, I’m not kidding – it’s all done with the help of the Diablo II MultiRes Patch 1.0.2, an amazing patch that turns the visuals of the game into something similar to what you can see in the image to the left (click to enlarge).

The patch might be known to Diablo II fans already since it’s been out for almost a month now, but for those who weren’t keeping their eyes on the Diablo II news will certainly prove to be a real gem, since it allows the game to be played in any resolution supported by your monitor and still look amazing!

However, there is a little “problem”: the patch can’t be used if you wish to play the game on Battlenet, but it works fine with LAN play and, of course, single player. Follow this link to download the “huge” Diablo II MultiRes patch (it’s less that 1MB) and start playing some classic hack and slash, just like in the good old days. Because some games will simply never die…

[via Gamerlimit]


  1. The multires patch is awesome! It gives a fresh look to a classic game! I even got a D2 revival going in my college right now because of this lol


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