Mirror’s Edge is one really hyped game and it appears that Electronic Arts is planning to release a demo prior to the game’s full launch, in order to convince the public that their game will indeed offer a truly unique experience. The better part here is that we now know the release date of the Mirror’s Edge Demo – the 6th of November, according to a Gamestop bonus offer spotted by That Gaming Website.

According to the special offer, those who pre-order a copy of Mirror’s Edge will receive a code to “gain exclusive access to the Mirror’s Edge Demo” which will be emailed to customers 2 days prior to the launch of the demo.

This further means that those who pre-order from Gamestop will get a chance to play the demo earlier and they’ll have 4 days to spend with the game before the release of GoW2. Or I’m the only person who finds very interesting EA’s decision to release the Mirror’s Edge demo one day before the full release of Gears of War 2?