Although many of us will consider pretty funny a name like “Dragonball: The Movie: The Video Game,” it is highly possible to get something like that (and it wouldn’t be for the first time either). However, we don’t mind at all, since it’s not only about the highly anticipated Dragonball movie we’re talking about, but Family Guy, The Simpsons or Avatar, too.

Here’s the deal: Twentieth Century Fox has just announced the appointment of Gary Rosenfeld to the position of Senior Vice President of New Media Licensing, a role with oversight of the studio’s portfolio of video game projects. In English, this means that Gary will decide which Fox Properties should be turned into computer and video games and we’ll enjoy the results. Sounds pretty simple and fair!

With studio’s major upcoming film releases and television brands, including Avatar, Night at the Museum – The Battle Of The Smithsonian, Ice Age 3, Dragonball, The Simpsons and Family Guy being highly appreciated by Gary, we should not be surprised to hear pretty soon some announcement from the Fox. And I can’t wait for that to happen since I still feel that games as good as those in the No One Lives Forever series can still be made by the Fox Studios.