killzone2Killzone 2 is considered by many the type of game which can get the PlayStation 3 back on track and even completely turn things around and allow Sony’s console win the console wars. However (and naturally), Microsoft is not at all impressed by Guerilla Games’ title. Even more, they have a big ace up their sleeve, something which they say it’s “even better” than Killzone 2.

According to website QJ, a Microsoft rep said: “We congratulate Sony and Guerrilla Games for their efforts with Killzone 2, however this is only the beginning of a new wave. The current technology employed for certain unannounced Xbox 360 exclusives far surpasses what gamers have seen in any game so far.”

Of course, they don’t offer any specific details regarding these games which are going to be better than Killzone 2 or any other game we’ve seen so far, so we’re forced to trust their word on the matter. However, one thing is clear: Killzone 2 is out now and Microsoft didn’t announce its “killer” yet. So… a new announcement soon from Microsoft?