electronic-artsUnfortunately for Electronic Arts, 2008 was not a great year, despite them being the good publishers taking risks and delivering some high quality and original IPs. Unfortunately, the public didn’t like them too much – or simply didn’t have the power to purchase the products, resulting in some losses.

And this might be one of the reasons why Electronic Arts decided to cut off the prices for some of their games and offer gamers one more chance to try again their best games of 2008. And, as you will see in the list below, it’s an impressive lineup of games which can be purchased with $10 less:

Dead Space was $60, now it’s $50
Red Alert 3 was $40, now it’s $30
Army of Two was $30, now it’s $20
Mirror’s Edge was $50, now it’s $40
Madden 09 was $60, now $50
NBA Live 09 was $50, now $40
FIFA 09 was $60, now $50

We don’t know if this is a limited special offer or the prices will stand – but we do know that the EA Sports titles sold well, at least compared to the other EA games released in 2008, so maybe the publishers simply plan to cut the prices once and for all, to make it easier for us too keep our budget during these tough times. So if you want to take advantage of these offers, visit Amazon or GameStop!

Thanks, Kotaku.