halo3If you were one of those guys who didn’t agree that Halo 3 is indeed a big game, numbers prove you wrong: Bungie has announced that an impressive 1 billion online matches have been played since the game was launched! And this, no matter how you put it, is absolutely impressive.

This number beats Halo 2’s played matches (also impressive with almost 800 million!), but other statistics put up by Bungie show up how long people played the game.

So, if each Halo 3 game played lasted no more than three minutes an 19 seconds, the total amount of time would equal 63 centuries. Or 630 decades, 6,300 years, or 2,300,000 days – if you prefer it to be put like that.

However, if the company is to add up the time each player spent in the game, the results, as expected, would be even more impressive, with a total of 64,000 years of playtime resulting. In other words, if the Neanderthals had Halo 3 when they existed on Earth, they would still be playing Halo 3 today. Incredible, right? I’m curious to know if there are other games who managed to beat this record. Couter strike anyone?