I probably said it in previous stories about the upcoming Jagged Alliance sequel, Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge: I am a fan of the series and I have high hopes put in this game that has been delayed way too long already. Today it was the moment a gameplay trailer was released by developers Tri Synergy and I must admit that I am slightly disappointed by what I saw. Hopefully its just a wrong first impression of a guy that wanted a bit more than the moon from the game.

However, it can’t go unnoticed that the gameplay trailer for Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge kicks off with a merc shooting from behind some barrels after it basically breaks his body in two in order to lean left. Pretty creepy shooting.

And that’s not all. The overall speed of the battle is slow, the voice acting appears to be poor and the gameplay seems to be similar to the titles in the Commandos series rather the previous Jagged Alliance ones. Which would be a bad call since the JA games were highly appreciated for the humor they brought alongside tons of hilarious moments. But, as I was saying, let’s hope that the video below is not representative for the overall feeling the game offers and with Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge we’ll receive a true Jagged Alliance experience, as in the good ol’ days.

Here’s the gameplay video I was taking about: