It was rumored aeons ago, but only now it became official: Electronic Arts is working on a Wii Fit beater called EA Sports Active – another Nintendo Wii exclusive that promises to keep you fit, in shape and so on and so forth. Priced at $60 and basically doing the same thing as the Wii Fit, it’s only left for time to say if EA Sports Active will be able to pose a threat to Nintendo’s wonder maker.

According to EA sources, the fitness game developed by the company utilizes more eastern cardiovascular exercises, as opposed to the western type of exercises promoted by Wii Fit. Simplified to the bone, this could mean that instead of Yoga we’ll probably have jogging. Wooo!

However, we’ll get the chance to judge for ourselves when gameplay videos or screenshots are released sometime before March 2009 – cuz’ that’s when the game is scheduled to hit the game store shelves. Until then, though, we tend to agree with EA Sports’ head Peter Moore who says that EA Sports Active is not meant to compete with Wii Fit.