Cheaper Xbox 360 Games This Week

Cheaper Xbox 360 Games This Week

We’re used to get a few new Xbox titles every week, but it seems that this one is not such a productive one for gaming: no new titles seem to be released, and that not only drives us mad, but Microsoft too. So, in order to right the wrongs and still offer us something worthwhile for a visit to the Marketplace, Microsoft has decided to cut in half the prices of three games up for grabs.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is the biggest name on the three games list to get its price chopped from 800 MS Points ($10) to 400 MS Points ($5). However, if you’re not interested in fighting or getting your hands on at least some of the 200 points-worth of achievements in UMK3, you can choose Feeding Frenzy at the same halved price of 400 points.

The last title offered for half its price this week is Worms, that wonderful and fun game that is a must for everybody who plans to have some relaxing fun with his or her friends. And why not take the offer and grab it for 400 MS Points, too?

So, all in all, even though there’s no new game on offer for Xbox 360 fans this week, the price cuts should be enough to keep them going. Banzai!