towerscapeCreated by Donitz, Towerscape is a pretty cool escape the room game that will certainly manage to frustrate even the most hardcore players for the first few minutes. Why is that a good thing? Because it innovates, and nobody is expecting that anymore from an escape the room game. So really, after you try everything and get mad, think a bit more – or check out a bit later for a full walkthrough of this amazing game.

So Towerscape is not only challenging thanks to its puzzles and concepts, but it also comes with a time limit: if you don’t finish the game soon enough, you get eaten by a grue and it’s game over for you and your escape plans. But if you use your skills, if you learn your spells and if you get a bit lucky, you will realize that it’s quite simple to finish the game.

But until then, you have to give it a try – so simply follow this link to play today’s daily escape game. Towerscape. And if you get stuck, check back soon for a complete walkthrough! Have fun!

Update: As promised, the Towerscape walkthrough is here!


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