Do you have trouble beating Towerscape? Finding it difficult to finish it in time? Don’t worry, as I have a walkthrough for you, a step by step guide to help you beat the game, finish the grue and escape the tower. Simply read on my Towerscape walkthrough and you’ll be out in a second!

Full Towerscape guide:

1. Click on the table to the right and get wand and piece of paper.
2. Go back and click the door on the ground. Take the red piece of paper.
3. Click the inventory button and select the wand. Click the yellow scroll – you have to master the spell. In order to do so, simply move the mouse across the black like without going “out”. If it’s too difficult, you can right click the Starting spot then right click the End spot – you’ll master the spell faster and easier. So master both the fire and Enlarge spell.
4. Click the torch and use the fire spell with it.
5. Go back and use the fire spell with the wooden planks. Click the window and get the tiny key.
6. Go back twice and click the green cabinet. Drag each drawer to get handkerchief and burnt piece of paper.
7. Go back and enlarge the golden key. Use it with the chest and pick up the wood and Phoenix spell (master it, too!)
8. Click the fireplace and in your inventory use Enlarge spell with handkerchief. Use the newly founded blanket with the chimney and use the water spell with the blanket. Put the wood in the fireplace but DON’T light it yet.
9. Go back twice and use the Phoenix spell with the burnt planks. Use the Phoenix spell with the blue burnt piece of paper and master the water spell. Use the water spell to turn off the torch and candle.
10. Go back and click the chest. Drag the bottom of it and get the green gem and the shrink spell.
11. Go back and click the fireplace. Now you have to be quick: use the fire with the wood and click back. Notice where the smoke is headed, and click that spot on the wall. Drag the brick and quickly go back to the fireplace and use the water spell with the fire to turn it off.
12. Now go back to that loose brick and in the inventory use the shrink spell with the key. Use it with the shrine and get the silk thread. Use the Enlarge spell with it to make a rope.
13. Go back twice and use the fire spell with the wooden planks. Click the door on the floor and use the rope with it.
14. Go back and exit the window. Click twice to go down and once you’re out, grab the green stone from the inventory. With the stone in your hand, click four times to go down. Something will grab you – when that happens, simply click the stone around until it lets you loose and you are out! Congratulations!

If you have further questions regarding this Towerscape walkthrough, don’t hesitate to ask them!