There’s a new special job available in Mafia Wars Las Vegas. You’ll find the Special Community Job on top of the Job page of any District in Vegas.

Unlike other jobs where their mastery goes up with every job, The Get the Hills Brothers’ Attention job needs 30 million clicks to master. This makes it a special community job because it requires everyone’s participation.

You can do Get the Hills Brothers’ Attention job once every 24 hours. At present there are only 960,000+ people who have done the job. That’s a long way to go to reach the 30 million mark.

Once the goal is accomplished, it will unlock the District 6 in Las Vegas. This is another Zynga strategy to make more people play Mafia Wars. Players can invite their friends to do the job. The more people who’ll do the job, the faster the job will be mastered.

What do you think about this new Zynga scheme? How much time is needed to reach the 30 million mark? Share your thoughts by commenting below.


  1. that will take forever!its been like a week and theres only like 6,000,000 clicks. if my math is correct, and it keeps going like that, it wont be unlocked until september 13


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