The Checking for Breakfast Goal is one of the hardest goals yet in Frontierville. It is a new goal with hard to get requirements. You need to tend ten unready neighbor chickens, collect one egg and two bacon.

In the past you could easily tend unready neighbor chickens by feeding the hungry ones and tending that same chicken after feeding. Zynga did some adjustments in the game and you’re not allowed to do that.

Actually there are two ways to achieve this. You could ask your friend to feed his/her five chickens before you visit his/her homestead. That way you can tend the chickens. In return you can gift your neighbor a meal. Or you can make a dummy account and have five chickens.

The good news is that the required Egg is down from two to one. People were having a hard time looking for Eggs, which comes from the Chicken collection. Does this mean that Zynga actually listens to players’ complaints? Hopefully they also change the way we tend neighbor animals to the old way.

Lastly, you need two Bacon, which can be acquired by feeding or tending pigs.

Once you’ve completed this goal, you’ll be rewarded with 40 XP, 80 Food and you can share 40 Food to your friends.