With the release of the Nightclub City Achievements, some of the most difficult to get ones are the Ladies Night (Bronze) or Sausage Night (Bronze) ones, since you need to either throw an all girl party or an all guy party in the game. Read on how to do that and how to achieve these goals easily!

Depending on your choice, you will basically have to kick out all the males or females from the club in order to grab your achievement. This means that if you go for the Ladies Night achievement and you must throw an all girl party of 8 girls (for the Bronze award), you will need to kick out all the guys from Nightclub City, until you only have girls in the club. It is indeed difficult, but there’s the only way to do it and it should be done while your level is lower since many guests are really hard to handle.

And of course, the same tactic goes for getting the Sausage Night achievement and throwing an all guy party (but this time you kick out girls, obviously).

If you don’t know how, you can read my tutorial on how to remove Nightclub City guests. Also, if you want a tip, just for the time of getting the achievement, you can set all your employees to bouncers in order to be able to remove your guests faster!

Did you managed, using these tips, to get the Ladies Night and Sausage Night achievements?

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