In Nightclub City, there are six types of possible guests: Regulars, Jerks (punks), High Rollers, Party Animals (drunktards), Entourage VIPs and Celebrities. Out of these guests, some of them can cause trouble in your club and you’ll certainly wish to remove them – you can do that manually and save your club from popularity or happiness loss. In this article, I will teach you how to easily remove unwanted guests from your club.

First of all – who should you remove from your NightClub City club?

The general rule of thumb is that you should never kick out Celebrities since they bring you big bonuses. Also, there would be no point in kicking out Regulars, High Rollers or Entourage VIPs since they will never cause any trouble in your club by themselves. That leaves us with the conclusion that we should stick to kicking out punks or party animals from the club, but the focus should be on the Punks who are the only ones to start fights, while the drunktards usually spend tons of coins at the bar. Add to that the fact that removing punks or party animals from the club increases the happiness of the surrounding guests, and you’ll have some solid reasons to do this regularly.

In order to remove any guest from the club, you should first have a Bouncer hired. Then, simply click the bouncer, select the “Remove guest” option from the menu that pops up and click the guest you wish to remove. And voila – the guest will be removed!

So no matter if you wish to kick people out to achieve a certain achievement or you simply wish to have a clean club, this method will do the trick!

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