The Clobber Foxes Goal in Frontierville requires you to clobber a total of fifteen foxes. This type of varmint randomly appears when you tend geese and chickens in your homestead.

You spend a lot of energy tending your poultry before a fox appears. Then you have to use more energy to clobber it. One way of saving energy is to place your chickens and geese at the bottom left portion of your homestead. Once a fox appears, you only need one to two hits to completely clobber it. This is because once you drive the fox over the edge, it dies instantly.

If you have a chicken coop, don’t get its daily bonus when you have the Clobber Foxes goal. For those who don’t know it yet, the chicken coop daily bonus feeds all of your chickens at the same time. At this rate, you’ll only get a fox out of your chickens instead of several foxes.

Also, have in mind that if there is already an existing fox in your homestead, no new one will appear until you clobber it – so make sure you clobber each fox before hoping that a new one appears.

These are some tips for you to complete the Clobber Foxes goal in Frontierville. Don’t worry if you don’t complete this goal in a day. Foxes are sometimes shy and don’t appear after tending several geese or chickens.